About Hello Monday Design 


Hello! I'm Kristen,  

the graphic designer and artist behind Hello Monday Design. When I'm not in the studio designing or painting, you can find me outdoors with my husband looking for adventure. From mountain biking, to hiking, to kayaking and fishing, we literally do it all! Because of my love for the outdoors, most of my work is influenced by nature, travel and love. I am a true believer in living simply, loving deeply and to always follow your dreams. Life is a celebration, we should appreciate the little things and focus on being happy everyday, even on Mondays! 

So... How can Hello Monday help you? 

At Hello Monday my goal and mission is to make you feel happier and more confident. I help bloggers and creative entrepreneurs build their dream jobs from the ground up. What fires you up? Whatever it may be, I help with the branding process so you can be looked upon as the professional that you are. With your new brand and start at life, every day should be faced with excitement and enthusiasm, even on Mondays!

If owning your own business isn't your thing and you're totally happy within your current work situation, that's great! Hello Monday also creates custom artwork for the home, office or an upcoming wedding. Whether you request a seascape, a pet portrait or a custom watercolor invitation, I will make sure you are grinning from ear to ear!